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Live Awakened - Life Coaching for Women Physicians of Color

Create freedom to simply be who you want to be. Do the things that make you feel alive and create a deeper connection with those you love. It's time to choose you!


Asian Life Coach Collective

Welcome to the Asian Life Coach Collective podcast with Rae Tsai. We talk about real-life problems, including practical tips, powerful tools, and interesting stories shared by professional certified life coaches. We want to help you break through your limiting beliefs, get unstuck, be more empowered, enjoy being your authentic self, and live your dream life.


Creating a Fantastical Life with Jen Cui

If you're ready to grow, join certified life coach, Jen Cui, in creating a fantastical life. You'll have a breakthroughs after each episode that brings you closer to being your authentic self, building genuine confidence, experiencing true love, and achieving mind-blowing success.

TW: Jen is brutally honest, loves the magic of spirituality, doesn't believe in hustling your way to success, and talks about trauma frequently. You will be intensely loved and supported, but never coddled.


Addicted to Busy - Work/Life Balance for Property Managers

If you're a property manager who feels like you're constantly running on empty, this is the podcast for you. Addicted to Busy highlights the real struggles in the industry that no one talks about. We know that the property management industry can be extremely demanding and often very challenging to find a good work-life balance. That's why we created this podcast - to help property managers like you elevate their lives outside of work and become an amazing mentor within the industry.

Each episode, we'll share impactful tools and stories from top experts who have been in your shoes and have found success in up leveling their careers while still making time for themselves. We believe that together, we can reshape the future of this industry and make it more manageable for busy people like you. So if you're ready to take control of your career and your life, subscribe now and join us on this journey!


The Grow Your Wealthy Mindset Podcast

Grow your wealth by working on your mindset and up leveling your game. Your thoughts about money have created your current financial net worth. Sadly, there are many physicians who have earned a good income but have not built wealth. More and more physicians are becoming burned out as our health care system continues to change. Join the movement of physicians embarking on the journey to take matters in our own hands so we can continue to thrive. Tune in each week to learn more on how to grow your wealthy mindset! Imagine your life when you have the financial knowledge to create wealth so you can practice medicine on your own terms.